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hurricane irene and giving you the side of the storms and how they compare. this image from nasa. the one on the left is hurricane sandy and right is irene. it is uncommon for a tropical system to track so far, north, especially during this time of the year >> it is so late in the year, it has taken a lot of people by surprise. we were talking about this with lynette and up to the arrival. the wind, the rain and the severity on our side of the storm. this is a perfect mix to the east and west. >>> that's right. that's our 2 degree guarantee. snow to the west. west virginia and western maryland, up to 2 to 3 feet of? snow. so, yes. you know what, even in the forecast i would not be surprised if this moved further to the east. maybe carol county, big wet flakes into the evening and tomorrow morning. that is not out of the question for right now, we're dealing with plenty of rain coming down across the area. with that, we do have flood warnings up. that's going to be through today. maybe even through tomorrow. right now, the entire viewing area is under the flood warning and even points to t
to prevent any glass from shattering. we have seen a lot of tape on the glass. they had irene hurricane isabel in 2003. anytime there is a big storm coming through this area, you check right here. to give you an idea of what businesses have done, you see that they have taken off the glass. not a mandatory evacuation. they are calling on merchants to move from the area today. you have the bay bridge. many of the anne arundel county officials are advising people to stay off the streets. it is early in the morning, but we have not seen any traffic. >> thanks very much. a lot of people traveling today. we talked about the airport staying open with limited flights. >> we have christina joining us from amtrak early this morning. >> good morning. >> i understand that the northeast corridor service is completely cancelled? >> that is correct. for all trains in the northeast corridor are cancelled. >> what is the prediction as we move forward? looking ahead, doesn't look like there is any likelihood of service be restored for tomorrow or wednesday? >> we do not have an estimate for service rest
irene, which hit last august in the same area. but by any measure, this storm, seemingly crushed irene. there really is no comparison, right? >> there's no comparison. i guess you could say, this is kind of like new york city's katrina. just devastating impacts here. this historic surge, 13 feet. all of that water coming on and those high wind gusts. worst-case scenario did pan out here, unfortunately. >> all right. mark mancuso, from accuweather. thanks for joining us this morning, mark. >>> straight ahead, more of our continuing coverage of sandy. the airlines trying to get back to normalcy. and what the red cross is doing to help out. >>> plus, more incredible video from across the storm zone, including rescues that didn't have to happen. we'll be right back. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. >>> welcome back, everyone. 5 million people take the new york city subways every day. and this morning, the entire system is shut down. seven subway tunnels under the east river are flooded. and the electricity that pow
of the businesses along and near the boardwalk here have been boarded up. >> we did it last year for irene. >> reporter: yep. >> and we decided to board it up then and fortunately there was no damage. >> reporter: evacuation orders from the delaware governor is in effect. the time to get ready for sandy is about over. >> it could last several days. and we could be without power for a while. we hope to see a minimum of property damage but there could be a bunch. >> that was christian schaeffer reporting. emergency management senters arein full fling all over. the northern new jersey they are preparing for the worst from the hurricane. the mayor stressed in one town that traffic would be be banned from city road and that was starting around 2 this afternoon. the mandatory evacuations from low lying areas will start around 7:00 this morning. the watters along the shore have a slight churn even with sandy hundreds of miles away. many with boats are in a lot of trouble and say they are tying them down double triple the amount of rope they normally use. new jersey is under a state of emergency a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4